What Do Bedbugs Eat?2020-07-02T07:05:06-04:00

They feed off of YOU and your loved ones. Bedbugs are a parasite of humans and feed off our blood.

How Do I Find Bed Bugs?2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

Bed Bugs like to be close to their feeding hosts. So first take a look at your mattress. They like to hide in the side seams of your mattress and on and around the head board and foot board of your bed. They could be in your carpet, which makes it difficult to spot them. In extreme cases they are found hiding in window trim and electrical outlets. Once found in your bedroom, the rest of the home needs to be checked. Bed Bugs like to travel with their hosts, so they might have hitched a ride with you into the living room. Check your furniture thoroughly!  Bed Bugs are great at hiding, so the best way of finding them is to call in an experienced Bed Bug Exterminator.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

An adult Bed Bug is small, about the size of an apple seed. It is brown, with a flat oval-shaped body. After it feeds it will balloon in size and can become bright or dark red in colour. They can have a sweet musty smell to them. Even though you can see they have wings, a Bed Bug can not fly.
The young are usually smaller and translucent in colour. Their eggs are about the size of a pin head and pearly white in colour.
There are many bugs that look like Bed Bugs, so proper identification is important!
One of the many services we provide is pest identification. This is the first step to rid your location of these tiny pests. Extermination is important so the problem doesn’t continue.

Bed Bugs – What You Need To Know2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

Bed Bugs are on the rise in the city of Brantford and surrounding areas. This is the most frequent complaint we receive at First Defence Pest Control. People think that only dirty buildings and homes get infested, but that isn’t true. Bed Bugs are not picky about who their hosts are. You might bring them into your home on second hand furniture or clothing. Or some might hitch a ride in your suitcase during your latest vacation. However they end up in your home, extermination is needed. You need to know what to look for and how to eliminate them. You need an exterminator who will take control of the situation.

How To Keep Ants Out!2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

Ants can easily find ways inside your house or business. Some people look up tips on homemade and natural products but it is rare that these sprays rid your home and take control of the pest. To keep them out, you need to Pest-Proof around the outside. A complete inspection is required to make proper identification of the species of ant, but also to find out how they are getting inside your house. In most cases a thorough treatment of product around the outdoor perimeter will stop and kill them. This will control the insect from getting inside your building. In some circumstances to achieve control, additional treatments of dust and baits of pesticides will need to be done inside to further kill and knock down the ones already on the interior. This will rid your home of this pest.

Little Ant Invaders2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

Ants are such a common pest to our local Brantford residents. Fortunately, most of the ant species in our area pose little threat to us and our homes except for being an annoyance. The most common ant around here are the  pavement ants, citronella ant, crazy ant and Argentine ant. But there is one that can cause havoc on your home. Watch out for the carpenter ant!

Nest Removal2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

Make your property safe and enjoyable again. If you have a problem with wasps, hornets or bees, call us. There is no cost for a quote. Learn about proper removal of wasps and hornets nests and how to control and get rid of these pests. It is not something you should try on your own. Here at First Defence we have the experience and tools needed for removal in a safe manner.

Things you need to know about Mice and Rats2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00
  • Mice and rats can swim. They can climb and they are amazing jumpers. Mice can actually jump over a foot into the air. This allows the rodents to get onto your kitchen counters with ease.
  • Mice don’t need a big hole to gain access into your home. They can squeeze through openings as small as the size of a dime or 1/4 inch.
  • A female mouse can give birth at the age of 2 months. They can have up to 12 babies every 3 weeks. That is a total of up to 150 each year!
  • A female rat can become pregnant at just 6 weeks old. She can have a litter of 10-12 babies every 3 or 4 weeks.

If you see signs of a rodent problem in your home or business, it is safe to assume that there are more than a few. It is important to get a professional to Pest Proof your location. Seal up all small cracks and openings. Stop the infestation as soon as possible.

Do I have rodents in my house?2020-07-02T07:05:07-04:00

A rodent is a pest. It is important to know what you are looking for when determining if you have a rodent pest problem in your home or business.

If you see:
Gnaw marks – Mice and Rats can chew through almost anything. This can cause serious damage to your home. This pest will try to get to the wires behind your walls and chew them. This can even cause fires. These gnaw marks are a clear sign of a rodent infestation
Rub marks – It is likely you have rats if you see rub marks along your walls and baseboards. Rats leave these greasy marks as they walk between their nest and their food source.
Droppings – This pest is usually found in kitchen cabinets, under sinks, and along baseboards. Their feces carry harmful bacteria, transmit serious disease and trigger allergies.
Nests – Found in quiet areas where they hope not to be disturbed. If you see shredded paper, cotton, maybe insulation strewn about, the rodents have probably been working on their nests.
Noises – If you hear noises in the walls during the evening and night, it is likely that it is a family of mice scurrying between their food source and their nest. This could be a large pest problem that you need to take control of quickly.

If you see one or more of these signs, then it is safe to say you have a rodent pest problem that you need to take control of. Our service will rid your commercial or residential home of all rodents in a effective and timely manner. We will provide you with solutions to ensure the health and safety of your family and customers. Eliminate these pests and take control of the situation as soon as possible.

Do I Need an Exterminator?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

If you think there is an infestation of Centipedes you should call in a professional. Effective pest control measures can be taken to find a solution. At First Defence, we will inspect the exterior of your property to find any cracks, gaps and holes that enable them to get into your home. An exterior spray may be the most effective way to eliminate the problem.

Why Are Centipedes In My Home?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

A Centipede infestation is usually because of a moisture problem in and around your home. The most effective way to prevent this pest, is to clean up around the outside of the home. Make sure you remove grass clippings, piles of leaves and wood from your property. Inside your home, make sure there is proper ventilation in your attic, crawl space and basement.

What Are Centipedes?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

It is rare to see the common house centipede during the day, but when you do, it probably makes you jump. This pest is usually out at night to look for food. Centipedes look a lot like a worm that is long and flat with a ton of legs. Anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs to be exact. They like to feed on other common household pests such as spiders, flies and cockroaches.

How Do I Kill Cockroaches?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

The first step is a comprehensive inspection of the trouble site to determine the extent of the problem. Because cockroaches like to hide deep inside cracks and voids they can be troublesome to eliminate. First Defence will use a variety of techniques, methods and products, that have proven to be successful. All based on the unique situation of your property. These include flushing, dusting, liquid residual, baits and most important – monitoring traps

Can A Cockroach Make Me Sick?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

Yes they can carry and spread disease. After they walk through garbage or sewers, they then walk over and excrete on your food or where you prepare your food. They carry bacteria that is known for causing food poisoning. Cockroaches will also regurgitate material that was previously eaten which may also contain dangerous bacteria. It is believed that cockroaches help spread Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Cholera, and Tape Worm. People with Asthma may also have a negative reaction to their droppings and body parts. Naturally you will want to learn how to kill them off. Home remedies don’t often work. To find effective ways to rid your location, contact a professional.

How Did Cockroaches Get Into My Home?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

Roaches are good at hitch hiking.  They will get into your home or business by catching a ride on various objects such as, used furniture, food items, empty beer bottles and shipping containers. Once they gain access to your home, they can travel quite easily. Roaches naturally are quick, great at hiding, and usually only out at night, which makes them hard to notice at first. They love to eat, but can survive for several months without food. Roaches will eat almost anything, even hair and fingernails. But they are especially attracted to starch, grease, meat and cheese. You will find roaches where they will have access to food and water. So be sure to clean up any spills in the kitchen. Vacuum up those crumbs. Or else the cockroaches will have a feast while you sleep!

If you have found a roach, call First Defence to learn how we will take control and kill these pests to rid your home or business from cockroaches.

Signs That Cockroaches Are Present2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

Since roaches are nocturnal, you may not actually see them, so you need to look for clues that these pests have invaded your home or business.

  1. You may see droppings that look like coffee grounds or ground pepper.
  2. You come across cast cockroach skins or even dead roaches.
  3. You find brown sacs that are oblong in shape. When the eggs hatch, the sac is left behind.
  4. There is an oily, musty odour.

If you see these signs then its time to find remedies to rid the problem.

Is It A Cockroach?2020-07-02T07:05:08-04:00

In this part of Ontario the most typically found cockroach is the German Cockroach. They are just under 2cm long, a light brown colour, with two parallel streaks running from the head to the base of the wings. Even though they have wings, they naturally can not fly. It doesn’t take long for roaches to reach maturity. The life cycle from egg to adult is only about a month. So if the population of cockroaches isn’t kept under control it can quickly become huge. The German Cockroach loves to live in restaurants, food processing facilities, hotel rooms and nursing home. Anywhere it can find food. This includes your house. An experienced exterminator is effective in identifying and can permanently take control of any roach pest problem you are experiencing.

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