Mice Removal

If you are a homeowner having trouble with mice infesting your attic, basement or walls, First Defence Pest Control can do the job quickly and humanely. Mice are small and can gather quickly into a house or business. If left unchecked, mice can also do a large amount of damage that can be very expensive to fix. Why spend thousands of dollars to fix your home when you can have the mice removed before that happens? Not only does our rodent control prevent your home from being infested again, but we can remove the mice without killing them. No matter what part of your home has mice, First Defence will be able to get them out and keep your home pest-free.

How mice get into your home

Because mice are quite flexible and small compared to other rodents, they have an easy time fitting into holes or cracks that homeowners may not even notice. Unlike other animals that have to chew through parts of your home to get in, mice can often get in through even the smallest entryway. For this reason, many people may be unaware that mice are even in their home or office building. By the time you find about the infestation, your property may have already sustained a large amount of damage.

The best way to completely prevent mice infestation is to properly secure your home before any mice arrive. Mice can inhabit your home as soon as you own it, or maybe before. The most effective prevention is to call professional pest control experts as soon as possible, which ideally will prevent any mice from entering in the first place. You don’t have to wait for a mice infestation to call First Defence. We will use completely safe and humane methods to keep mice from ever having access to your home.



Risks associated with mice infestation

Unfortunately, mice infestations in your home cannot be avoided for too long. Mice can carry a variety of diseases and parasites that are a major health risk for any family members. Children with any respiratory issues and pets are especially at risk of illness. Mice can also get into your food containers or food storage, leaving behind their germs and making the food dangerous for you and your family. The destruction created by mice can be substantial enough to severely damage the structure of your house and your electrical system. Significant damage to your home may even open up entry for larger animals that otherwise would not have access.

All of this is to say that mice infestation should not be taken lightly. Any indication of mice in your home should immediately lead to contacting a professional pest control service. If you see any signs of mice or other pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact First Defence. We will humanely deal with any pest control issues and prevent them from becoming any worse.

Whether you’re a homeowner with a mice infestation or want to prevent one from ever happening, First Defence Pest Control is here to help you. With our 20 years of experience in pest control (including rodent control), we can deal with any kind of pest control issues in your home, cottage or business. Our services are completely safe, reliable and humane. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, contact us now.

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First Defence Guarantee

Most of our rodent control services are 100% guaranteed as long as you own the house and your annual maintenance program is up to date. Call us for more details at 519-754-1884