Rat Extermination

If you are a home or business owner dealing with a rat infestation, First Defence Pest Control can help you deal with the problem, while also taking measures to prevent the problem from ever happening again. If there are rats in your home, the population can grow to a complete infestation in a very short timeframe. For that reason, it is best to deal with any trace of infestation as quickly as possible. A professional pest control and exterminator service like First Defence can deal with this problem quickly and effectively. If you’re having a rat problem, don’t delay any longer and give us a call.

Differences between rats and mice

Rats have some distinct characteristics from mice, which in some ways makes them more of a threat to your property. While mice are naturally curious, rats are more cautious. When it comes to trapping, mice will often walk right into the trap, whereas traps have to be set, unset and moved around for the apprehensive rats. This makes rats harder to trap, and requires more strategic trapping. Trapping rats require more expertise, and an experienced rodent control business like First Defence can help you through the process.

Sealing gaps assists with rodent control.

Rats are also bigger than mice, by about 20cm or more. Though mice breed faster, rats’ larger size means each one can do far more damage than a mouse. Unlike mice, rats can burrow underground, which allows them to enter buildings. Rats are excellent swimmers, and can also enter buildings through broken drains or toilets. Once in your residence, rats can populate at a rapid speed. A female rat can become pregnant at just 6 weeks old, and can have a litter of up to 10-12 babies in just 3 weeks. Don’t wait for rats to multiply themselves into an infestation. First Defence has the resources and the experience to handle any infestation issue you might have.

Signs of a rat infestation

One of the first indications of a rat infestation is gnaw marks around your home or place of business. Rats have strong teeth and can chew through almost everything.

This is extremely dangerous as they can heavily damage your wires and even cause a fire. Finding rat feces is another sign. Their feces carry dangerous bacteria, which can cause sickness, disease and trigger allergies.

Rats also leave a trail of grease marks on the surfaces they walk against, making any area they move around unsanitary and a danger to you and your families’ health. If you start to hear noises during the evening or at night, that might be rats living in your attic or walls. Once you hear rats, there are only going to be more over time. There is never a bad time to contact pest control services. If you have any indication that rats are in your house, now is the time to contact First Defence.

With 20 years of experience as a professional pest control and exterminator service, First Defence Pest Control will be able to handle any rodent control problem you need us for. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, and this is reflected in our work. We will not only provide a thorough inspection of your home, we’ll also continue to monitor it and prevent any infestation from happening again. If you have a rat problem, don’t wait for it to get worse. Call us now, and we’ll find a solution for you.

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(Our services also include occasional invaders, such as insects and nuisance birds)

Gaps in roofs should be sealed.

First Defence Guarantee

Most of our rodent control services are 100% guaranteed as long as you own the house and your annual maintenance program is up to date. Call us for more details at 519-754-1884