Is It A Cockroach?

In this part of Ontario the most typically found cockroach is the German Cockroach. They are just under 2cm long, a light brown colour, with two parallel streaks running from the head to the base of the wings. Even though they have wings, they naturally can not fly. It doesn’t take long for roaches to reach maturity. The life cycle from egg to adult is only about a month. So if the population of cockroaches isn’t kept under control it can quickly become huge. The German Cockroach loves to live in restaurants, food processing facilities, hotel rooms and nursing home. Anywhere it can find food. This includes your house. An experienced exterminator is effective in identifying and can permanently take control of any roach pest problem you are experiencing.

Signs That Cockroaches Are Present

Since roaches are nocturnal, you may not actually see them, so you need to look for clues that these pests have invaded your home or business.

  1. You may see droppings that look like coffee grounds or ground pepper.
  2. You come across cast cockroach skins or even dead roaches.
  3. You find brown sacs that are oblong in shape. When the eggs hatch, the sac is left behind.
  4. There is an oily, musty odour.

If you see these signs then its time to find remedies to rid the problem.

How Did They Get Into My Home?

Roaches are good at hitch hiking.  They will get into your home or business by catching a ride on various objects such as, used furniture, food items, empty beer bottles and shipping containers. Once they gain access to your home, they can travel quite easily. Roaches naturally are quick, great at hiding, and usually only out at night, which makes them hard to notice at first. They love to eat, but can survive for several months without food. Roaches will eat almost anything, even hair and fingernails. But they are especially attracted to starch, grease, meat and cheese. You will find roaches where they will have access to food and water. So be sure to clean up any spills in the kitchen. Vacuum up those crumbs. Or else the cockroaches will have a feast while you sleep!

If you have found a roach, call First Defence to learn how we will take control and kill these pests to rid your home or business from cockroaches.

Can A Cockroach Make Me Sick?

Yes they can carry and spread disease. After they walk through garbage or sewers, they then walk over and excrete on your food or where you prepare your food. They carry bacteria that is known for causing food poisoning. Cockroaches will also regurgitate material that was previously eaten which may also contain dangerous bacteria. It is believed that cockroaches help spread Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Cholera, and Tape Worm. People with Asthma may also have a negative reaction to their droppings and body parts. Naturally you will want to learn how to kill them off. Home remedies don’t often work. To find effective ways to rid your location, contact a professional.

How Do I Kill Cockroaches?

The first step is a comprehensive inspection of the trouble site to determine the extent of the problem. Because cockroaches like to hide deep inside cracks and voids they can be troublesome to eliminate. First Defence will use a variety of techniques, methods and products, that have proven to be successful. All based on the unique situation of your property. These include flushing, dusting, liquid residual, baits and most important – monitoring traps