K9 Bedbug Inspection

Meet Auzzie.

He is our Australian Shepherd Bedbug scent detecting dog.

When dealing with bedbugs correct pest identification is most important.

Bedbugs are so small and great at hiding in beds, furniture, electrical outlets and baseboards to name a few locations. This can make it very difficult for the human eye to locate them. A dogs ability to pick up scent makes them superior to humans in their ability to detect bedbugs. Their rate of success can be over 90% than that of humans.

Why use our bedbug sniffing dogs?

Auzzie can save you time and money. Canine inspection can take less than 10 minutes for an apartment and less than an hour for a home. The inspection will help you with proper pest identification ruling out suspicion of bedbugs. This also helps your pest control company to zero in on the exact location of the problem to ensure complete bed bug removal.

Auzzie is trained to scent detect only live bedbugs and their eggs. He will not respond to dead ones or their fecal matter.

How does the inspection work?

When Auzzie comes for an inspection, he will put his nose in areas that bedbugs are usually found. We will start by going around the bed perimeter, he will check baseboards and couches and any other areas of suspicion. At times he may jump up on the bed or couch while inspecting so you may notice covers, and pillows are disturbed. If he triggers on an area our handler is trained to identify signs of bed bugs.

When to use K9 Bedbug detection

  • waking up with bites.
  • been away on vacation and worried you brought them home.
  • moving into a new home.
  • tenants have moved out. Check apartment before the new tenants move in.
  • proper pest identification and removal.
  • after treatments to confirm your home is bedbug free.
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