Rodent Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection covers both the interior and exterior of your home, pinpointing existing points of entry for rodents and identifying potential threats. We assess external elements that may attract or facilitate rodent intrusion, providing you with personalized recommendations.

Next, we discuss tailored options with you:

  1. Initial eradication of rodents from your home.
  2. Precise sealing of entry points using a variety of materials to prevent re-entry.
  3. Annual follow-up to ensure continued security. Weather and rodent pressure can create vulnerabilities, and we guarantee a 100% block of all entry points by revisiting and addressing any potential openings.

Your peace of mind is our priority.



Preventing rats and mice means that we use less rodenticides, and prevents costly damage repairs from floods after water lines are chewed, fire damage from chewed wires, etc.

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First Defence Guarantee

Most of our rodent control services are 100% guaranteed as long as you own the house and your annual maintenance program is up to date. Call us for more details at 519-754-1884