Professional Pest Control and
Exterminator Consulting Services

Are you sure your facility is protected from the real risk posed by pests?

Are you confident in your pest control operator’s services?

Do you have the best pest control program for your facility’s specific pest issues?

Does your operator employ properly-licensed technicians on the job?

Are you getting what you’re paying for with your current pest control program?

These are the most important questions owners of food processing and food retail facilities need to answer.

Large pest control operators will tell you they know how to eliminate your pest problem, but do their inexperienced workers really know how to deal with the specific pest threats facing your food processing or food retail facility?

It’s time for an experienced second opinion. That’s where First Defence Pest Control comes in.

At First Defence, we provide third-party, unbiased consulting services to see if your operator is following through on the details of your promised pest control program results.

We can identify the threat – because First Defence is committed to protecting what matters most.

Bringing nearly two decades of experience across the pest control industry, First Defence Founder Steve Meulemeester, is now offering pest control consulting services for food processing and food retail facilities.

Steve will ensure the information you receive from your pest control operator is accurate – and if it isn’t – how to spot problems and keep your plant pest-free.

Simply put, Steve will assess the success of your pest control operator – and keep them accountable.

Steve has spent his entire career in the pest control sector, starting as a Service Specialist (Technician) with a large pest control operator and later as a Senior Service Specialist, Sales Account Executive and District Manager for three provinces. He is also a former Food and Beverage Specialist.

Here’s some of the recognitions and awards Steve has received throughout his career:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Service Specialist of the Year
  • Quota Breaker
  • District Manager of the Year
  • Most Involved Contributor (Training Sessions)

Contact Steve today at or 519-802-1178.