A rodent is a pest. It is important to know what you are looking for when determining if you have a rodent pest problem in your home or business.

If you see:
Gnaw marks – Mice and Rats can chew through almost anything. This can cause serious damage to your home. This pest will try to get to the wires behind your walls and chew them. This can even cause fires. These gnaw marks are a clear sign of a rodent infestation
Rub marks – It is likely you have rats if you see rub marks along your walls and baseboards. Rats leave these greasy marks as they walk between their nest and their food source.
Droppings – This pest is usually found in kitchen cabinets, under sinks, and along baseboards. Their feces carry harmful bacteria, transmit serious disease and trigger allergies.
Nests – Found in quiet areas where they hope not to be disturbed. If you see shredded paper, cotton, maybe insulation strewn about, the rodents have probably been working on their nests.
Noises – If you hear noises in the walls during the evening and night, it is likely that it is a family of mice scurrying between their food source and their nest. This could be a large pest problem that you need to take control of quickly.

If you see one or more of these signs, then it is safe to say you have a rodent pest problem that you need to take control of. Our service will rid your commercial or residential home of all rodents in a effective and timely manner. We will provide you with solutions to ensure the health and safety of your family and customers. Eliminate these pests and take control of the situation as soon as possible.